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Sailing West Coast Norway

Bareboat yacht charter in Bergen is a unique, varied and interesting experience. Due to the large cruising ground and infinite sailing options available a west coast Norway yacht charter will appeal to yacht charter groups for many different reasons. Some like the breath taking scenery, island hopping and quaint villages whist other charterers enjoy the history sites that Norway has to offer. 

Stretching from Tananger and Stavanger, south of Bergen all the way up to Trondheim, the Norwegian coast has a unique geographical make up and follows a very distinct pattern. Outer fringes of sheltering islands of various sizes adorn this impressive coastline and a series of large sounds and fjords, formed millions of years ago by glaciers cut into the landscape to form horizontal waterways penetrating miles inland and forming some of the most spectacular natural scenery in the world.


Sailing in Norwegian Fjords

This is fjord Norway, a sailor’s paradise in the North Sea through deep and dramatic fjords lying in gorges cut between majestic mountains. The climbing mountains on either side of the fjords are steep and high, and continue as far below the water as above.

The headland of Statt divides the west coast into a southern section, starting in Stavanger, and a northern section, ending in Trondheim, where south and north Norway meet.

Bergen is Norway’s second largest city, and lies conveniently between two of the most famous and interesting fjords, Hardangerfjord, which goes under several names winding its way northwest between low-lying landscapes and steep impressive mountains, and Sognefjord, one of the world’s longest natural fjord.

Stavanger is situated in the southwest corner of a large bay of islands surrounded by fjords. Lysefjord, with its dramatic pulpit rock (usually seen in most of the Norway Fjords’ tourist literature) is as steep and dramatic as the larger longer fjords further north.

Fjord scenery is spectacular, but care and good planning is required for fjord sailing in many regions of Norway. There are small settlements, anchorages, and towns but due to some of the distances attention to detail when planning your passages is required. Winds can be unpredictable in the fjords and can occasionally funnel down through the fjords or from the mountains. 

Many people prefer to island hop on either side of the inner lead, and admire the dramatic scenery of the mountains and fjords from a distance whilst ensuring some spirited and varied sailing days and passages.

Harbours are not crowded and you will find only a few other yachts. The islands themselves are diverse and varied – rich in cultural and historical interest. The history of the area tells tales and shows evidence from the era of the Vikings and the small fishing villages and fishing way of life is still abundant today.

Travel connections are excellent to Bergen with many low cost carriers flying in from Europe, the UK and further afield. There are good internal and international flights, along with ferries, trains and long-distance buses.

Places to visit

There are many different interesting sites to visit on a yacht charter in Norway. From Bergen you will find a lot of well protected mooring facilities so that you can get on and off the boat as you wish. There are many small-town docks for you to tie up to and you will always find a space between anchoring and mooring.

After a lovely sail, dock at Bergen and take the Ulriken Cable Car high into the mountains or take a ride on Fløibanen Funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen and once at the top you will have the most magnificent views of Bergen.

Enjoy a walk in the Troll Forest, a film setting for the movie Frozen which is situated at the top. Take a picnic with you and enjoy sitting at the lake at Skomakerdiket on Mount Fløyen and canoe on the lake. There is a café and restaurant at the top if you prefer a full meal after a leisurely day sailing. These will be precious memories made with your family and friends in Norway.

Norway Yacht Charter from Bergen

Norway Yacht Charter
from Bergen

Bergen Base

The base in Bergen is located 200 metres from the main Hjellestad Marina. The base is conveniently located just 6 km from the airport and so you will reach your yacht in approximately 10 minutes.   

Base facilities:

  • Water
  • Electric
  • Parking
  • Supermarket in walking distance

Travelling to the base

Travelling to
the base


Bergen is an international airport with good flight connections around the world. 

The following airlines offer inland flights from Bergen to other parts of Norway.

• Norwegian
• Wideroe



The base is located approximately 6km from Bergen airport.

Taxi – the easiest way to reach the base is by taxi. There is a taxi stand outside the airport. 

Standard taxi for a maximum of 4 people will cost around €30 Euros.

Rental cars several rental companies serve Bergen. There is parking space at the base. 


The nearest supermarket is at the Marina, about 200 meters away. Here you can purchase your boat provisions, fresh food and beer.

All wines and spirits must be purchased at the Vinmonopol (liquor store) which is located 10km away in Bergen city. There is also a “Vinmonopolet” at some harbours as you sail around the Islands. If you wish to purchase alcohol on your first stop this is very convenient with only a 4 hours sail on your first day to Bekkjarvik which is a nice harbour to visit and they have a “Vinmonopolet” located here.

There are a wide choice of restaurants and bars as you sail around the Bergen area that you could choose to spend a pleasant evening dinning in.

Location Map

Base Locations

We offer yacht charters from four bases around Norway.

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